It is vital that the computers you use every day in your home or small business are working when you need them. I provide a range of services including installation and setup, repair, custom builds, purchase advice, and training. Owning the newest and fastest hardware is great, but if you aren’t sure about how to use it most effectively in your personal life or business, you aren’t reaching your full potential. I can guide you on how to implement technology to make your life easier or your business more efficient. I can also guide you through purchasing new equipment to leverage the most value from your dollar. 

Data Backup & Recovery
The data generated or collected by you or your company is of utmost importance today. Databases, letters, plans, presentations, and accounting spreadsheets are all vital information. The likelihood is that your data is not backed up adequately. Quick and reliable recovery of this data in the event of catastrophe is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately most do not back up their data regularly, and many do not even have procedure in place. There is a 100% probability that the storage device in your computer will fail at some point. Whether it’s tomorrow or in 20 years is impossible to predict, but it will happen. I can help you develop best practices now to ensure that when your system does crash, your data will be safely backed up and quickly recoverable.

Mobile Devices & Tablets
Smartphones have become a near-necessity in the lives of many people and extremely useful for businesses of all sizes. Tablets are following close behind as app development for these devices accelerates exponentially in every category. The possibilities and business applications for these devices are truly game-changing. If you aren’t already capitalizing on the use of these devices in your business or personal life, I can work with you to integrate mobile devices into your existing system and train you in their many uses. I am an expert with both Android and iOS mobile and tablet operating systems.

Networks are no longer just the domain of large corporate infrastructure. If you have a Home or Business account with an internet service provider such as Time Warner, Verizon, or Cablevision, your computers connect to a network in order to access the internet. If you’re dealing with one of the above companies, chances are you’ve had or are going to have problems connecting at some point. With the importance that the internet holds in everyday and business life, I realize the need to immediately get reconnected in the event of an issue. I can fix most connection issues very quickly or, if it becomes necessary, deal with the service providers on your behalf to get your connection back up and running in the shortest amount of time. I can help you to set up local network resources such as shared storage, printers, and wireless access points, as well as set up best practice security measures to make sure that your wired and wireless networks remain secure from intruders.

Printers & Scanners
The ability to print and scan documents can be vital to small business and to many individuals. I understand how frustrating it is when one of these devices simply stops working. I can quickly get you back up and printing or advise you on new equipment to replace older or broken devices. If you’d like to share printers over your Office or Home network, I can set that up for you as well.

Security & Automation
Do you ever forget to turn off lights when you close down the store? Or maybe you’ve left thermostat at 72℉ overnight a few times and your heating bill is through the roof? Ever wonder what animal keeps knocking over your trash cans or which one of your employees keeps forgetting to lock the back door? Luckily there are inexpensive technologies available to automate solutions to all of these problems and save you time, headaches, and money. I can install a security camera system that will be accessible from anywhere in the world, 24/7, and can save records for as long as you want. Or what about an internet-enabled smart thermostat that could save you hundreds of dollars a year on heating/cooling costs? Would you like to be able to turn on and off the lights in your home and business from your smartphone or laptop while on vacation? Let’s talk about the possibilities for automation and remote access today.


Viruses & Malware Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for your computer to become infected with a host of different viruses or so-called “malware” (programs that you did not authorize to be installed, and may be collecting your data without your knowledge). If any of your systems have been affected by viruses or other forms of malware, I can effectively remove those issues and get you back up and running as usual. In addition, I can help you find and install an anti-virus software solution that you’re comfortable with and will protect your computer from future problems.