Chris is a Scientist, Businessperson, and Technologist with wide ranging interests and knowledge. Born and raised in Poughkeepsie New York in the Mid Hudson Valley, he spent his childhood hiking, camping, reading, and playing with Legos.

Attending Poughkeepsie Day School K-12 and graduating in 2004, Chris’s interests in high school centered around science and technology, and he learned valuable A/V skills doing lighting and sound for middle and high school theater productions. During summers he worked as a Lifeguard.

Several temporary employment positions during a year off after graduation resulted in experience in the health insurance, food service, and state regulatory fields, after which, Chris was accepted to SUNY New Paltz. Majoring in Geology, he completed work in Physics, Math, and Chemistry. During his time at SUNY, Chris worked as a Technology Help Desk Technician for the university gaining valuable experience in troubleshooting, repair, training, and customer service. He graduated in May of 2010 with a B.S. in Geology.

After graduation, Chris accepted a job offer from environmental consulting firm ‘GES’ as a Geologist. After 4 months with the company, he decided the industry was not right for him, and began to seek employment in the Information Technology field. He soon accepted an offer at Vassar College for an IT Specialist position and has been there since, building upon his technology and customer service/call center skills.

In 2011, Chris began a technology consulting venture and built a modest client base in the Hudson Valley. Starting out with simple repair and training, Chris soon began building tailored solutions based on personalized needs for businesses and individuals, increasing productivity and organization for his clients. He has continued to grow his business and serves over 80 individuals and small businesses, many of whom are repeat regular customers.

Chris has many interests outside of work. He is especially interested in fitness and nutrition and has been an avid powerlifter for 3 years. He goes regularly on Geology field trips, attends conferences, and keeps informed of developments in the natural sciences, auditing college courses when able. Other interest areas include personal finance & investing, business, sustainability & alternative energy, traveling, skiing, and music.